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Reality Blurred

Reality Blurred is a website that I have gotten a lot of my information for my blogs from. It is a blogging website that Andy Dehnart writes on daily. It has to be his only job because of how much information he has and writes about. The blog has many thousands of followers that just … Continue reading

Reality Steve

I have talked about Reality Steve in previous posts but just found some quotes from him that really show what type of person he is (if you haven’t already decided by his job)… Well first, he does admit when he is wrong which is a good thing because he doesn’t think of excuses AND he … Continue reading


Previously I had blogged about Reality Steve who claims to have all his information correct. Well, he was wrong again! He made a claim about the Bachelor and who he was going to choose and stated that, “It is not a speculation or a guess, but the 1000% truth.” Whooooops!  Continue reading


Reality Steve is a spoiler once again! This is big drama is the reality T.V. world. Reality Steve dug deep into the Bachelor this season and revealed who Sean was going to engage to! That is Catherine Giudici incase you are wondering. He says it is not a speculation or a guess but it is … Continue reading